Shine7 Audio DIY resources

6922 / E88CC Tube Pre-Amplifier

12AU7 Tube Pre-Amplifier


12AX7 Tube Pre-Amplifier

Balanded pre-amp using LME49720 and OPA1632


BPA300 - 6x LM3886 paralleled-bridged 300W mono block amplifier

PA100 - 2x LM3886 paralleled 100W power amplifier

AAD 7001 by Phil Jones

Vifa MTM speaker

This MTM speaker uses Vifa MG18 woofer and Vifa XT25 tweeter.


Audio Workshop AW-D2 DAC

A DAC based on DIR1703 and AD1955.

GainClone Power Amplifier

A simple but very good sounding power amp based on LM3875.

Marantz SA8400 SACD Player

Marantz SA-11S1 SACD Player




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