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Audio DIY

Audio Links


Elliott Sound Products - Linear Power Supply Design
ESP Amplifier Basics - How Audio Amps Work
Ground loop problems and how to get rid of them
Impedance Matching Transformers
Power supply- SMPS design guides, circuits, schematics
Solid State Power Amplifier Supply Part 2

Audio Equipment

AutoSoft_ Your MIDI Source
C E N T R A L m u s i c
Home cinema choice SA8400 review


Cable Nonsense
Cables or Interconnect or Wire Reviews (Editorial) Sorted by Alpha Name - Page 1 -
Cables, Interconnects and Other Stuff - The Truth
DESIGNER CABLES_ a critical look
Grounding and Shielding Audio Devices
Jon_Risch's Web Site, Cable Main Page
Power cord ABX
Product Review

Class D

41Hz audio. Sounds good to me!
Class-D Amplifiers
diyAudio Forums - Difference betweeen Class D and _Digital Amplifiers_
Get More For Less By Using Class D Amplifiers
Hypex Electronics, your active speaker solutions.


Circuit Sage_ Filter Design and Analysis
Digital Domain
Notes on Audio Op-Amps
Pedja Rogic Audio Pages
TNT-Convertus_ a minimalist DAC

DIY supplies

Audio Workshop
Digi-Key Corporation - USA Home Page
Diy HiFi Supply
Hong Kong Inventory Limited
Parts Express Projects - Browse
Scandic International
Sun Union Audio (Speaker)
Welcome to RS On-line

DIY Tools

Analog Devices - Virtual Design Center - Interactive Design Tools - Utilities - V-sub-RMS--sub- - dBm - dBu - dBV calculator
Claudio Negro's home page, how to project and test a loudspeaker using Speaker Workshop
Downloads - Measurements Using PC
FRD Consortium
Oscilloscope for Windows
UniBox - Unified Box Model for Loudspeaker Design - Kristian Ougaard
USB scope


dCS _World Leaders in Digital Audio Conversion Technology_
SoundStage! Getting Technical Back-Issue Article (10-2003)
Stereophile_ Super Audio CD_ The Rich Report
The DSD-SACD Revolution, Part II_


Audio Asylum -- Audio Reviews, Audiophile Forums and Stereo Reviews - audio projects by fanatics, for fanatics
Madisound Audio Discussion - Message Index
PSW Recording Forums_ Dan Lavry =_ Proper word clock implementation


Building a Gainclone chip amp
DIY Homepage
Pedja Rogic Audio Pages - Chip Based Power Amp i.e. Gainclone


HeadWize - Project_ A Pocket Headphone Amplifier by Chu Moy
Kingsound Headphone - koss, sennheiser, audio-technica, beyerdynamic, akg, pro.2, etymotic headphone store
mingo headphone forum


Stereophile_ Home Page
Stereosound Japan

SACD shopping

The Super Audio CD _ SA-CD _ SACD Reference

Speaker DIY

Art Ludwig's Sound Page
Audio Speaker Design Calculators -
Classic TL Design -- Jon Risch
Crossover Simulator
DIY Loudspeaker Projects
DIY ProAc Response 2.5
Dynamic Speakers 101
Enclosure Dilemma
John's Audio Projects
Measuring Loudspeaker Driver Parameters
ONE Clone????????!
Passive Crossover Choke Coil Calculator
Proac 1sc clone
SEAS Kits maine site
Speaker Design Calculator
Speaker Driver Opinion Review Pjay
The Acoustic Reality Series Crossover, AR-SXO
Thiele-Small Parameters

XT25 samples

Okara Speaker Revision
Parts Express_ Project Showcase
speaker building tidbits

There's life above 20 kilohertz! A survey of musical instrument spectra to 102.4 kHz

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